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MVIQState of the art inspections require state of the art tools. When the best tools are combined with our experience, techniques, and information technogy - our customers get the highest quality reports available anywhere - at any price.

We utilize the indutry's best inspection technology platform. The General Electric Inspection Technologies MVIQ is today's most capable video borescope. The MVIQ features Phase Measurement, 3-D Point Cloud, remote sharing and control, and QuickChange probes that quickly reconfigure probe diameter and length.

XLG3In the past, we utilized the premier tech of the day - always staying current. From the XLG3 to the XLGo, back to the ProPlus and optical fiber probes before that. This gear defined video borescope inspection in its day, providing outstanding image quality in rugged and portable packages.


Borescope EquipmentRhinestahl Corporation’s fully programmable FutureDrive® electronic turning tool automates the engine rotor shaft positioning process, leading to the most efficient, easiest-to-perform borescope inspection possible. Move blades automatically or manually in any stage in any order. The control makes it easy to flag damaged blades for future reinspection. Audible feedback is provided for fail-safe operation and is programmed for all engines on our capabilities list, tight up to the LEAP series.



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  CFR TITLE 14 FAA Part 145 Repair Station with Limited Powerplant Rating for Borescope Inspection.