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By signing our contract or otherwise hiring, you agree to engage AeroEd Inspection Services (AIS) to perform the work described above at the rate indicated. You agree to provide all current technical documentation as requested by the Chief Inspector or his designee previous to the inspection. This data is to be certified by the customer as in accordance with the customer, owner, or operator's continuous airworthiness and maintenance program. Customer agrees to hold AIS and its employees and contractors harmless for any action or claim arising from work and or services performed for customer, excluding gross negligence. AIS looks forward to providing the highest possible quality inspection, report, and professional service for its customers. Cancellation: After acceptance, customer agrees to reimburse AIS for any and all work done up to time of customer cancellation on a time and materials basis. Weather related schedule changes or changes due to causes outside the control of AIS will be re-scheduled as soon as possible. At AIS discretion, and with regard to the overall schedule, AIS will do everything practical to provide a timely outcome for any uncontrollable delay. Additional charges may apply for travel related costs. Please note that the inspection equipment is not designed to operate in freezing temperatures or in extreme weather conditions; in which case the customer is required to provide an acceptable work area, go to standby, or reschedule the job. Terms and Conditions: Inspection services may include a return to service statement and /or completed FAA Form 8130-3, both are for the visual inspection of specific engine internal parts according to the OEM or Part 121 Air Carrier Maintenance Manual presented to AIS for use during the inspection. AIS shall be entitled to treat the information supplied in the provided documents as a definitive statement of the actual airworthiness and maintenance status of the articles to be inspected and, except as otherwise specifically agreed in writing, AIS shall have no liability for the accuracy of those documents. Service does not include items which are the customer or storage program's responsibility such as engine opening, engine closing, engine run, leak tests, or any other maintenance or alteration task. The inspection report is presented as is at the time of the completion of the inspection with no assumed liability for its future use. The determination of the inspector as to the limits, defects, and recommendations regarding the inspected article are presented relative to approved technical documentation and are without assumption of risk or liability of any kind. The customer and/or the storage program assume all responsibility for the article to be inspected at all times.

All travel arrangements require minimum of single carrier - business class for international travel with an itinerary of 10 hours or longer. AeroEd employees fly preferred on United Airlines with priveledges that include no cost shipping of tooling. Please call for further details.


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  CFR TITLE 14 FAA Part 145 Repair Station with Limited Powerplant Rating for Borescope Inspection.